Photos + Video

Twits - Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s Brandspankin’ New Works Festival, December 2009

Check out the whole album here - all images © Larisa Shaterian

Osawatomie, Kansas - Gallatin Arts Festival, April 2010

I caught only a few pics, but they show off the eclectic costuming and staging from our fantastic director, Amara Dieter. You can check those out here.

Drinks/The Sincerest Form - Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s Brandspankin’ New Works Showcase, December 2010

The whole set of grainy-because-of-BlackBerry photos can be found on my Flickr.

Drinks/The Sincerest Form - True False Theatre’s The Polygraph Tests Residency, January 2012

The whole album is on my Flickr; our lovely cast members documented the process from first table read to public readings.