Drinks/The Sincerest Form (2M, 1F) - Lewis goes out for what he thinks is a promising drink with former student Reggie, only to discover that she—and her actor boyfriend Noah—have a different plan for how the night will go. Produced for Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s Brandspankin’ New Works Showcase, 2010 // Developed for True False Theatre’s The Polygraph Tests residency, 2012

Hallowed (Be Thy Name) (2M, 2F) - Lennox is a trans guy who has never had reason to believe in the Bible—that is, until a San Franciscan reverend decides to change all mentions of God to the gender-neutral pronouns ze and hir. Meanwhile, Lennox’s best friend Ethan, who’s gay, struggles with a confusing attraction to Len, and a religious housewife named Shoshana travels cross-country to confront the reverend. Tisch New Theatre staged reading, 2010

Twits (3M, 2F) - David creates a device for pregnant wife Sarah, a belt meant to translate their unborn baby’s every kick and gurgle into a tweet. But when Twitter users discover this fetus tweeting from the womb, they ascribe a messianic complex to @gaga. Gallatin Theatre Troupe’s Brandspankin’ New Works Showcase, 2009

RETCONtroversy (4F) - Stinger (a.k.a. Nora Echolls) was everyone’s favorite girl-wonder, rooftop-jumping sidekick, until a tragic attack left her partially paralyzed. Slowly and painfully, Eleanor recreated herself as Echo, a brainy superhero support system. But twenty years later, she’s being retconned: Stinger is back, shiny and new, and was never paralyzed to begin with! Now, Echo has to use that big brain of hers to keep the canon from changing. Unfortunately, her smartest idea was to kidnap her younger self. The Brick’s Comic Book Theater Festival, June 2014


Spock Nudes (3F) - Barrett has been getting chubbier so she can pose for Leonard Nimoy, who’s left his Star Trek work behind to photograph fleshy women. Melissa is there for the same shoot, but she’s the dreaded hot geeky girl. Yese is Nimoy’s assistant and is tired of just checking girls off a list. Tip My Cup’s Quickie: A 24-Hour Theatre Festival, 2010

Taking Inventory (2M) - “A widow, his son, and the meaning of life.” Inspired by real events and the teachings of neo futurism. Playwriting as Improvisation staged reading, 2011

A Real Boy (1M, 1F) - Sex robot Robert learns that, for a human, his owner Zora is shockingly good at compartmentalizing. Caps Lock Theatre’s Sex With Robots Festival, November 2013


Infinite Letters (1F) - A fragment response to Act V, Scene ii of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Gallatin Arts Festival’s The Hamlet Rave, 2011

Osawatomie, Kansas (2F) - Dorothy and Alice in Osawatomie State Mental Hospital at arts and crafts time. Live installation in the Gallatin Arts Festival, 2010