A Completely Subjective Do’s and Don’ts Guide to Freelancing


On October 15, 2011, I moved back to my adolescent bedroom with $300 to my name; on October 1, 2012, I moved into a Bushwick apartment I’d recently signed a lease for, once more a proud, productive member of the American economy. In between, I freelanced extensively for a number of publications, usually on a daily basis — my math is very shaky, but I estimate I published somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 words in that time span, some of them terrible, some of them not-terrible, but all of them paid for. Over the last year several people have burnished my ego by telling me I’m the only one amongst our age group whom they know to be making a full-time go of the freelance thing, which is sort of hilarious/terrifying because I fell into it accidentally and had never taken the time to think about how I’d gotten to this position. Here is my stab at some of that thought process, though I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty.

(DISCLAIMER: Things I have been wrong about include the long-term viability of Kreayshawn, the candidacy of Francois Hollande, the importance of chemistry between the 2012-13 Los Angeles Lakers, the subversiveness of Odd Future, etc. I am wrong a lot, and if anyone reading this has found a better way to do the things I’m writing about, great! Please chase that. But this has generally worked for me, and thus I will share it with you.)

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This has been so insightful.