Neal didn’t take Georgie’s breath away. Maybe the opposite. But that was okay—that was really good, actually, to be near someone who filled your lungs with air.
No surprise, Rainbow Rowell has succinctly articulated the way I should be approaching love.

Love love her.

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My feels


I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Merry Christmas Molly Hooper

And as if that were not enough

You were wrongyou know.

You do count.

You’ve always counted, and I’ve always trusted you.

Tumblr, I love you so much.

me: There’s a scene in this movie where Ashley Judd eats cold Chinese food in her underwear with her roomie Hugh Jackman

as a twelve year old, I always dreamed that this was what falling in love as an adult was like
Someone Like You was my favorite romantic comedy as a preteen, subject to endless rewatchings as I went through high school. If only things were that easy now.