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Hi, I'm Natalie Zutter! I'm a playwright, entertainment blogger, and aspiring comic book writer living in New York City. Since graduating from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I'm trying to figure out how to apply that same interdisciplinary format to my post-college life in the arts world.

I've had several productions through NYU; check out my resumé and photos/video of my plays above.

I'm the Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comics, YA, Romance, and Children's Editor at Bookish. Previously, my writing has appeared on Crushable, Tor.com, BlackBook, Ology, and AFK On Air.

I'm also the co-creator of the webcomic Leftovers, about a ragtag food truck helping survivors of the zombie apocalypse.
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Twice now I’ve had dreams that I slapped my ex’s new girlfriend across the face, and rather than fight back, she just nodded and said, “Yep, I deserved that.” (She doesn’t—it’s just my subconscious talking.) I think this GIF would probably be a better way to react when I next see her in public.

me: There’s a scene in this movie where Ashley Judd eats cold Chinese food in her underwear with her roomie Hugh Jackman

as a twelve year old, I always dreamed that this was what falling in love as an adult was like
Someone Like You was my favorite romantic comedy as a preteen, subject to endless rewatchings as I went through high school. If only things were that easy now.
Liz: I managed to calm him down after spooning him for an hour. And I was the outer spoon!
Jack: Welcome to adulthood, Lemon.


Yep, this was Josh’s reaction, give or take. That was one of my last happy memories of our relationship—me grooving on the couch and lipsyncing at 3 a.m., while he shook his head in disbelief and shouted, “This song is everything bad about pop music rolled into one!”

The piercings in question—I now have a nose stud, both of my lobes properly pierced, a barbell in my left rook, and two hoops in my right cartilage.

Armchair Psycho(self)analysis: A lot of what broke Josh and me up was our combined lethargy and inability to actually do things we said we would, like buy more furniture and adopt a cat. I also wanted to look somehow different the first time I saw him post-breakup, for him to feel bad that he didn’t know I’d done this. Not to mention, in the first few weeks after, having some sort of physical pain was a nice distraction from heartache.

But also: It looks fucking cool. I’ve always loved jewelry, so to have these permanent pieces is a lot of fun.

Amanda: it’s amazing the things people do when they come out of relationships

some run off to france, some become sluts and some decide they’re going to pierce 10% of their head

Amanda is grossly overexaggerating the “slut” part—two crushes is hardly scandalous—but she’s right about the piercings.


The first day:

A week later:

A month later:

(source: shawnaramadingdong

Truer words. Er, .gifs.

My play Drinks/The Sincerest Form was selected as one of the three plays that True False Theatre will develop for their 2011-2012 The Polygraph Tests Residency! That means for the month of January I’ll be hard at work with collaborators on making Drinks better—tightening the plot, plumbing the depths of Reggie and Noah’s relationship, adjusting the rhythm, and other changes I don’t even know about yet.

I am so thrilled to be one of the Playwrights-in-Residence and to have the support of TFT to develop my work. We’ll have two public readings—one on January 21, then we’ll get another week to work on the plays and conclude with a second reading on January 28.

I’m also a collaborator in The Lucrece Project's Prometheus Mediated project, which uses the Greek Prometheus myth as the content and the works of media literacy scholar Marshall McLuhan as the context. That’ll be going up in late April.

!! I’m so excited for both of these projects.

What was with Justin awkwardly kissing Selena — and her obviously brushing him off — at the VMAs preshow?

(.gif courtesy of heckyeahkidrauhl!)

Mark (not changing the name because I dare you to stalk my Facebook and find him) went to a boarding school in New Hampshire but was from New Mexico. His parents had sent him to tennis camp in Lake Tahoe, CA, so he’d have something to do for the summer. I’d later find out that he was very flirty by nature, but we seemed to click from the first evening we met. I made him laugh, and I glowed every time he’d compliment how I looked in my bathing suit. Our first hang-out was kind of perfect: The whole camp drove up to the lake, and we took turns jumping/pushing each other off of a dock into the water.

You know, back then I had every memory crystal-clear and separate, but at this point they’ve merged into a really happy, content blur. I remember running up the ski hills (covered in dirt and dust since it was the summer) and seeing Mark waiting at the bottom smirking; having long talks with him about his family constantly uprooting him; and him playing guitar on his racquet when Fastball‘s “The Way” came on during drills.

Camp Week: My Sweet First Kiss at Tennis Camp

I got a little sentimental with this one, but it was fun to recall memories I hadn’t thought about for the last few years.