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Hi, I'm Natalie Zutter! I'm a playwright, entertainment blogger, and aspiring comic book writer living in New York City. Since graduating from NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I'm trying to figure out how to apply that same interdisciplinary format to my post-college life in the arts world.

I've had several productions through NYU; check out my resumé and photos/video of my plays above.

I'm the Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comics, YA, Romance, and Children's Editor at Bookish. Previously, my writing has appeared on Crushable, Tor.com, BlackBook, Ology, and AFK On Air.

I'm also the co-creator of the webcomic Leftovers, about a ragtag food truck helping survivors of the zombie apocalypse.
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I can’t, you guys. I…I can’t.

bahahaha. I can’t, but I also can, but also… haha.


Zombie 3-Ring Binder

I kinda love how it’s a zombie three-ring binder… on pages in German. Ja darling, wunderbar.

(via theinevitablezombieapocalypse)

If Boner Mountain can get on the Black List, then by all means I should be able to, too.


I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Merry Christmas Molly Hooper

And as if that were not enough

You were wrongyou know.

You do count.

You’ve always counted, and I’ve always trusted you.

Tumblr, I love you so much.


master of the universe has in all its crapness made me want to become a reviewer.

here is a list of all the faces i made:

OK, now I have to read Fifty Shades of Grey.


In case you missed it… spot the difference!


Can you believe that we’re a quarter way through the last season of ‘One Tree Hill’? The most recent episode has left us baffled though. What happened after Julian left Davis in the car? This is what we think.

Shrieking. I was shrieking at the TV after this cliffhanger.

Ever wanted to see an unintentionally brilliant, simultaneously horrifying bit of product placement? It’s just as well that I have to link to it on YouTube, because it contains major character spoilers for Battlestar Galactica. But if you’ve seen the show/don’t care, then definitely watch.

I shouldn’t laugh. I really shouldn’t!

California public school teacher Steve Cuckovich pissed off religiously minded parents—and Jesus—when he reduced the test score of a student who said “bless you” to a sneezy girl-classmate. Saying “bless you” is disruptive, Cuckovich says. But so is sneezing, so hopefully he lowered the girl’s test score as well.

I am all for secularizing stuff a lot more, but this is a bit ridiculous. When a phrase with religious connotations has become colloquial and part of our cultural consciousness, then you can’t split hairs. I say “oh my God” far too many times a day, but I don’t see it as calling upon a deity; it’s actually pretty similar to the exclamation “dude!” for me. So this guy doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

That said, I’m the girl who says the Pledge of Allegiance like this: “…one nation (pause) indivisible…”

The life of a pop culture blogger: You slave over essays and theme weeks for hours, then Scarlett Johansson’s nude pics leak and you get the most pageviews you’ve ever seen in six months.